Equine Dentistry in WyomingDr. Sarah still performs routine dentistry on horses. Often if there are some moderate to severe corrections needed in the dental arcade then craniosacral work is very beneficial for the horse. We use sedation and a full mouth speculum to evaluate the dental arcades to the back of the mouth. Only hand floats are used. Power floats must be used judiciously as they can heat up a tooth and damage the pulp or nerve. In the hands of a trained professional they are a good tool. However we have found nearly all the horses we see can be treated with hand floats. In the rare case where we do not have the needed tools horses can be referred. Dr. Cory Reng is a travelling Nebraska veterinarian now specializing in equine dentistry. She has made trips to Casper in the past. Craniosacral therapy is capable of correcting poor chewing motion in horses. Poor chewing is what causes many of the equine dental problems. Once a horse chews correctly he wears his teeth down evenly. Our equine patients receiving yearly craniosacral treatments have needed less dental work each successive year.