Herb & Supplement Recommendations for PetsHerbal medicine has a long tradition in many cultures around the world. A large number of modern drugs were developed from plants. Unlike a drug which is a purified single substance, using herbs allows for the interaction of all the active components within a plant. This can produce a gentler more harmonious effect. Herbs are still a foreign substance to the body. They are not inherently safer because they are more natural. It is important to know there can be herb/drug interactions for your pet. Please let us know all the drugs, supplements and herbs your pet is taking so I may prevent any harmful side effects. I use herbs that have been safely grown and safely processed – avoiding harmful pesticides and chemicals used to process some herbs in some manufacturing plants. I carry botanical liquids and herbs from American/European traditions as well as Chinese herbal mixtures. I also carry a limited number of supplements and can advise on the use of other supplements you may already be using.