Homotoxicology for Pets in WyomingIn homotoxicology a formula of multiple homeopathic remedies is used rather than a single remedy at a time. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg founded homotoxicology. It is based on the idea that illnesses result from the body’s inability to remove toxins effectively. Toxins come from many sources – bacteria, viruses, yeast, chemicals such as pesticides or volatile compounds from new carpeting or paint, even dietary substances such as msg or gluten. Metabolic deficiencies can create toxins such as free radicals or ammonia from liver disease. Homotoxicology is based on a pattern of disease which starts with problems within the body’s excretion system (sweat, digestion, urine, respiration, lymph). If the drainage pathways are not open then it is harder for the body to eliminate toxins which it encounters or produces. Over time the body is damaged by the toxins and diseases progress eventually leading to degenerative issues and further on possibly to cancer. As in homeopathy multiple formulas may be used; sometimes together and sometimes in series. Usually a formula(s) to open drainage pathways and or formulas to improve gut health are used first. These are followed by formulas to remove toxins. Lastly formulas to remind the tissues to return to optimal function are used – rather like giving the tissues a blueprint. These may be used in conjunction with botanical formulas as well.